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Technical Library

Trouble Shooting

Paired and Omni-Directional Panels

Hufcor has provided a trouble-shooting checklist that an operator can use in the event that your paired or omni-directional partition system fails to operate properly.

1. The panels are hanging out of plumb. You probably have loose or broken trolleys (carrier) or a broken trolley support beam. To correct this, tighten the loose carriers to return the panels to plumb
Or, replace the broken carrier or support beam.
2. The panels are sticking or hard to move. This is caused by three factors: dirt in the track, misaligned track joints or a broken trolley. First, clean the track. Align the joints, or have a Hufcor distributor replace the trolley.
3. The panels are making an abnormal noise during movement. This is a usually an indication of a broken trolley or misaligned track joint. To fix, simply replace the trolley or align the joints.
4. The panel's bottom seal doesn't operate. Depending on your seal activator, this is caused by bent seal carriers or broken springs on automatic type seals. On mechanical "crank" type seals, most often the crank mechanism is stripped or one of the links to the activator mechanism is broken.
Replacement of bent or broken seals or mechanisms is recommended. Call your local distributor.
5. The panel has a broken or worn trolley. This is caused by two factors. First, you may have damaged track joints. Or, the trolleys have been abused during handling at the "L" and "T" instersections on your track. In this case, realign the track joints, replace the trolleys and retrain operators on proper handling.
6.The final lever closure panel is not extending or operates with difficulty. The internal activator mechanism may be stripped and needs to be replaced.
Or, the limit cables and chains are tangled or the tension bolts are too tight.
A Hufcor distributor can easily adjust these two problems.
7. The panel's pass door is not latching. First, check to see if the seals are set on the leg. The strike plate may need adjustment.

With any problem that you encounter, Hufcor recommends contacting a Hufcor branch.

Prior to calling your Hufcor branch, please be prepared with the following information.

  • Your order number, your model number and panel number. You will find these on the identification label located on the edge of each panel.

  • The project name.

  • Estimated date of installation.

  • Prepare a brief description of the problem and when you first noticed the problem.