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Technical Library

Partition Screen Operation Guide

Proper care will ensure the longest life of your partition screen system. Here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Always handle your partition screen carefully. Avoid excessive force.

  • Never ride the partitions. This will damage the carriers, track and potentially, you!

  • Never set the mechanical seals onto objects lodged under the partition screen like electrical cords or debris.

  • Never store anything other than the panels in the pocket.

  • Avoid leaning against the partition screens and never lean ladders against the partitions.

  • Never hammer or kick the partition screens to force operation. Hufcor partitions that don't operate smoothly after applying simple troubleshooting techniques may require service. Contact your authorised Hufcor branch.

  • Finally, if your system is equipped with Hufgard, check safety features weekly. When stacking - stand on mat in pocket and the partition should shut off. When extending, push the lead closure panel in. The partition should shut off. If your partition does not shut off, lock out, take out keys from stations and call immediately for service.


As with all Hufcor partition systems, Hufcor highly recommends signing a service and maintenance contract with your local distributor. Annual maintenance by a Hufcor trained installer will keep your partitions properly adjusted and prevent serious, costly damage.

  • Check exposed screws in panel vertical edges and tighten as required.
  • Check to ensure the partition's seals work and stack properly.
  • Operate the pass doors and adjust if necessary.
  • Check for torn surface material and repair or replace.


Your partition will require routine cleaning. The cleaning method will vary according to the surface finish. The following vinyl, carpet and fabric cleaning instructions apply to Hufcor standard surfaces. If your partition has non-standard surfaces, please consult the appropriate manufacturer for cleaning instructions.

Hufcor Standard Vinyl

Stains that have dried to a crusted surface should be removed with a clean, stiff brush. Remove all loose particles before applying any liquid cleaning solutions, including soap and water mixtures.

Hufcor recommends cleaning standard vinyl with warm water and a mild soap. Apply to the surface with a clean white cloth, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. If necessary, gently rub the surface with a brush to loosen dirt before wiping dry.

Do not use lacquer thinner or other strong chemicals. These materials are harmful to vinyl.

Chewing gum, candle wax or other waxy substances may be removed by rubbing the spot with ice so that the material becomes brittle and then blot dry. The brittle substance can then be picked off the wall covering.

Hufcor Standard Fabrics and Carpets

Remove the stain as soon as possible, as stains on carpet will become more difficult to remove if they are allowed to dry. With a cleaning brush, remove any loose particles before applying any commercial carpet cleaners.

Always test a clean, inconspicuous area before applying cleaner.

When cleaning stains with liquid solutions avoid over-saturation. Over-saturation distributes the stain deeper into the fibers and may cause a ring once the stained area dries. It is better to repeat cleaning than it is to over-saturate.

Always use the minimum amount of cleaning solvent needed to remove a stain.

Panel Trim

Other areas of your panels may need special cleaning. The aluminum, steel and plastic construction materials making up your partition can be cleaned first with a water and a mild detergent solution.

Remember, avoid solvents on all plastic pieces.

Dry White Boards

Hufcor-installed dry white boards. The writing surface is a commercial grade enamelized Blue Scope [BHP] board white steel.

Whilst the surface will wipe clean, some whiteboard markers may leave a stain due to the solvents and pigments used in the markers.

If staining does occur, it is recommended that the type of marker be changed, and the whiteboard be cleaned with a suitable whiteboard cleaner or methylated spirit on a clean soft cloth.

Do not at any time clean with harsh solvents, abrasive cleaners, scour pads or paper towels.


If you have any questions about the care and maintenance of your partitions, call your local Hufcor branch.