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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing the industry benchmark

Moveable Wall - Manufacturing ServicesSo, if what you see on the outside is to your liking, what about the inside? Can you rely on the product operating time and time again?

At Hufcor, we know there is no room for compromise in any element of your operable partition. Through our continual product development and refinement, the Hufcor internal mechanisms are designed to stand the test of time. Combined with our preventative maintenance and service program, you can expect years upon years of reliable, efficient operation.

Hufcor is revolutionising the operable wall market, not only with vastly superior internal mechanisms, but with more innovative design materials both in fabrics and distinctive vinyl patterns.

With radically different designs in our product range, we can now offer exciting and visually stimulating alternatives to standard wall panelling by incorporating irregular interlocking rectangular designs and the like. We invite you to have one of our representatives visit you to bring you up to date with the industry trends that are being set by Hufcor.

Listed below are the main manufacturing outlets of the Hufcor Group.

Central Manufacturing, Glasswall Division, Washroom Cubicles

Series 5000/8000 Operable Walls, all glasswall products designed and manufactured, Kyissa toilet and shower cubicles designed and manufactured.

Address: 28-30 Permas Way,
Truganina Vic 3029

Phone: (03) 8366 1900
Fax: (03) 8366 1999

Hufcor Group also have manufacturing operations at branch offices in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

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