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Australian Eco Label Program


We believe that commercial, environmental and social objectives must work hand in hand to deliver sustainable outcomes. Hufcor is committed to producing operable wall systems that deliver customised design, reliability, innovative technology and minimise the impact on the environment.”

Hufcor is working to make a positive difference by setting higher standards of environmental performance for its products and operations. Whilst there is a lot to do, Hufcor is already achieving some important outcomes.

  • Hufcor Operable Walls and partitions were the first wall systems in Australia to be certified against voluntary environmental performance standards.
  • Certified environmentally preferable materials are used where possible to manufacture our products.
  • Operable Walls are designed with a loose face construction to reduce the amount of adhesives and enable more efficient disassembly of components for repairs and material recovery.
  • The company has established a product stewardship program to recover and re-use or recycle materials at the end of life.
  • Recycling programs have been implemented at all manufacturing and distribution sites for raw materials used in production and consumables.
  • The company has established environmental management plan to measure and reduce waste, emissions and resources use and increase recycling and efficiencies.

Our Environmental Policy

Hufcor strives to be environmentally aware and actively supports programmes that minimise negative impacts on the environment.

We are committed to comply with relevant environmental legislation and requirements to prevent pollution.

We seek to understand the effects our activities have on the environment and to continually improve our environmental performance by supporting initiatives such as:

  • Waste minimisation
  • Reduction of resource consumption
  • Recycling
  • Procurement of environmentally preferable products
  • Design for Environment

Hufcor seeks to ensure that its Environmental plans, objectives and performance are made available to all stakeholders and that environmental benefits can be independently verified.

We will ensure that this policy and all procedures relating to it are understood, implemented and maintained throughout the company.

Our belief is that this policy can only be successfully achieved with the support and commitment of all employees of Hufcor Group.

Environmentally Preferable Products

Hufcor sought independent verification of the environmental performance of our products to give our customers confidence in specifying products that meet best practice environmental performance.

Hufcor Operable Wall Series 8000, 5000 and Kyissa partition systems* have been assessed from a whole of life perspective to the GECA Furniture & Fittings Standard and are independently certified as environmentally preferable.

*refer to GECA certified options for K1, K2, K3, K4 and flo-line.

GECA Licence Numbers:

Operable Walls HUF-2008
Partitions KYS-2008
GECA 28 -2006 Furniture & Fittings Standard

The Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel

The Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel is recognised by architects, manufacturers, designers and building industry professionals as the leading LCA based ecolabelling program in Australia. The program is managed by Good Environmental Choice Australia Ltd (GECA), a not for profit national environmental standards setting organisation in accordance to ISO 14 024 – International Standard for Third Party Environmental Labelling and Declaration.

The GECA Furniture & Fittings Standard defines the environmental performance criteria for a broad range of furniture and fitting products including partition walls. Products made from recycled materials or those sourced from sustainable resources are environmentally preferable because they reduce the demand for virgin timber, raw steel/aluminium/alloy materials and virgin plastics and when recycled, reduce the amount of hazardous substances and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. The standard refers to the manufacture of the products and their constituent materials, the period of actual use and disposal, and packaging materials used for their transport. This standard also specifies requirements for the finishing restrictions of certain treatment or coatings that would restrict further recycling.

GECA certified products are recognised as meeting various materials compliance criteria in Green Star Rating tools.

Green Star

Created by the Green Building Council of Australia, the Green Star rating system is designed to evaluate the environmental design and performance of buildings, and to drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions.

The Green Star rating system is based on a number of criteria within nine environmental impact categories.

Hufcor Operable Walls are highly engineered products manufactured with raw materials including wood panels, plasterboard, aluminium, steel, plastic and textiles. The right specification of these materials will contribute towards the achievement of Green Star points within several Indoor Environment Quality and Materials categories. For details, refer to Hufcor Environmental Product Information Sheets.

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