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Having been the project manager at Jupiters Hotel and Casino for the last 3 years, you see alot of different levels of professionalism, quality and overall management with the varying contractors that we engage and use. For projects to run well it comes down to effective planning and overall management of all issues relating to the various works.

David Langtree from Hufcor was meticulous in his detail and planning of the removal and installation of new operable wall panels in the main Ballroom of the property. It was one of the very few projects I have worked on where my attendance on site was not required. The project ran proficiently and smoothly considering the extremely tight time frame and tight schedule and this is a credit to the professionalism and planning which David undertook.

He was unfortunately let down by one of his goods suppliers not protecting stock properly during transit which resulted in some slight damage to a number of panels. He was upfront and honest about the situation when they arrived looking for ways to fix the problem which shows integrity and a can do attitude to fixing anything that could go wrong.

I would not hesitate in recommending Hufcor for any future work where David is involved in the future.

Kind regards

Project Manager
Jupiters Hotel & Casino

Dear David,

RE: Manufacture and Installation of Operable walls to Parkside within the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour Sydney NSW

I write to congratulate you and the Hufcor team on their performance of all services from the commencement of your Contract on 27 September 2010.

Your team’s performance to achieve the critical delivery slot in mid-December 2010 for the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre to complete full installation within the main contractors program in January 2011 was a tremendous effort. Effective communication and coordination management enabled a high quality outcome to be achieved within a very tight construction program.

The operable walls met their performance and aesthetic appearances as desired by the Architect and required no changes. Thank you for the efforts taken by you and your team for a trouble free contract and excellent results.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Ashworth
Senior Project Manager

Dear Bruno,

Following are some words concerning our new flexible learning space. I fyou wish to use these in your publications please feel free to do so.

Eltham High School created a new Inquiry Learning Centre in 2010 for our year 7 students. The design works were by Gray Puksand Architects and construction by Chiminello Builder.

The existing class rooms and the library were modified to create a flexible learning space. The use of Hufcor glass sliding walls has allowed us to use this space in a any manner that we want. The flexibility provides great benefits for both students and teachers.

By having activities visible throughout the spaces this becomes a great motivating and engagement tool for students. The flexibility of the walls also allows for large open spaces, quiet spaces, discussion areas and concentrated help areas, all at the one time.

The space allows for changed teaching practice and the de=privatisation of the teaching process. There is a great visibility of all classes to allow peer observation aiding teachers with their professional development and growth.

The new glass walls will provide the greatest level of flexibility not just for today but also well into the future.

Comments from
Vincent Sicari - Principal Eltham High School
Darren Squires - Assistant Principal Curriculum

Feedback from students, families and teachers has been extremely positive about the transformation from small and hidden teaching spaces into a bright and vibrant learning environment. Congratulations on providing a great product that has allowed us to realise the full potential of this space.

Yours sincerely,
Bruce Martyn
Business Manager

Dear Lina,

We recently instructed Hufcor operable walls to complete an installation for us at Siemens North Ryde under the management of Michael Wildman.

We at MP Group would like to thank Michael for his efforts and professionalism to ensure the job was completed quickly and with minimal disruption.

Our client at Siemens has shown gratitude in the way Michael and his men conducted themselves on site.

Even though this was our first job with Hufcor we will certainly do business in the future.

Kind Regards

Michael Melas - Director
MP Group of Companies Pty Ltd

Dear Bruno,

...Warren Saliba was my first contact with the Hufcor group and instantly my co-worker and I knew we were dealing with not only a professional sales man but also a person who knew a lot more about the finer points of installing operable walls.

Warren provided us with all the information on what would look and work well in all of our function rooms and sourced information and support from within Hufcor group. It has been a real pleasure working with Warren and Bruno Tassone to achieve the best out come.

...Due to the extensive works undertaken to investigate the options available, I believe that we have arrived at the best outcome, rather than the first, or cheapest option.

Yours truly,
David Hrabal
Venue Set up Manager
Telstra Dome

Dear Mario,

The design of the multipurpose spaces at both Eldercare Evanston Park and Seaford required careful consideration to allow a very large space to be divided into smaller, flexible rooms for a range of activities including a home theatre facility, singing, games groups and a chapel. It was considered important to use a quality product that both looked attractive and could maintain long term serviceability.

The Hufcor acoustic operable walls were designed to fit into a complex ceiling system of bulkheads, coffers and timber panelling with room for the banks of walls when in the closed position. A good attention to detail was demonstrated by Hufcor during the detailed design & documentation stages which was important given the relative complexity of the walling design.

Our client reports they are pleased with the quality of construction and service of the walls and we are very happy with the appearance flexibility and functionality of both the walls themselves and their impact on the multipurpose space at both facilities.

Kind Regards,
Wayne Grivell - Associate